OLYMPIC RIBS and CORTO MALTESE® join forces to redefine seafaring experience

Legendary fantasy graphic novel hero CORTO MALTESE® will inspire OLYMPIC RIBS’ ultra-premium OLR line customization


Aegean archipelago. The Med. The World. A literary myth, from the pen of Hugo Pratt, and a product line celebrating passion for sea, travel, freedom & speed. Bringing the spirit of the iconic sailor onboard, OLYMPIC RIBS is excited to announce a long-term, global partnership with CONG S.A., Switzerland, the guardians of the CORTO MALTESE® eminent heritage.

Unleashing the full potential of bespoke customization for luxury RIBs, this synergy will allow for a uniquely creative incorporation of the CORTO MALTESE® traits into the OLR line up.

Gearing up in H1 2023, the CORTO MALTESE® upgrade will be available for the OLR 30SR, 45SRC and 45SRC STERN DRIVES models, elevating the OLR model of choice to an exclusive asset: First Class onboard experience, outstanding offshore performance and – now – inclusive of the mesmerizing atmosphere of the classiest graphic novel ever written.


Commenting on the OLYMPIC RIBS x CORTO MALTESE® breakthrough deal, Christos Karyofyllis, OLYMPIC RIBS Director, stated: “Always ready to defend the principles of liberty and independence, CORTO MALTESE® personifies indefatigable exploration; a perfect match for our DNA. We are excited to embrace the CORTO MALTESE® philosophy and open new seaways together.”

Maurizio Distefano, president of Maurizio Distefano Licensing – the agency managing the CORTO MALTESE® rights in Italy – added: “When a brand and a licensee share the same values, a licensing project can truly write history. This makes us extremely eager to see the outcome of this pioneering and one-of-a-kind partnership between OLYMPIC RIBS and CORTO MALTESE®.


Opening seaways since 1985. Inspired by freedom, crafted with passion and driven by excellence, every single one of the 4,000 OLYMPIC RIBS produced so far are individually and precisely planed with top design ergonomics and industry leading talent. Infusing the millennia old Greek maritime tradition with world- wide cutting-edge technologies, the OLYMPIC RIBS’ OLR line stands at the forefront of the global race for an elevated onboard experience. Aesthetics, performance, consistency and reliability are exquisitely blended to celebrate our Captains’ and their Guests’ heydays.


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