Opening Seaways
since 1985

Inspired by freedom, crafted with passion and driven by excellence

Every single one of the 4,000 OLYMPIC RIBS produced so far are individually and precisely planed with top design ergonomics and industry leading talent.

Infusing the millennia old Greek maritime tradition with worldwide cutting-edge technologies, the OLYMPIC RIBS’ OLR line stands at the forefront of the global race for an elevated onboard experience. Aesthetics, performance, consistency and reliability are exquisitely blended to celebrate our Captains’ and their Guests’ heydays.

“I was barely ten, but I remember well the day a friend of my mother’s took my left hand and gazed at it in horror: I did not have a Fate Line. I didn’t think about it for long–I took one of my father’s razor blades and cut my own Fate Line, long and deep.”